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25 February, 2013

Rough Two Weeks

Two weeks ago Evie had her 15 month check up which included two vaccines.  Both vaccines included common (1/3) side effects of a low grade fever, or rare but normal (1/20) side effects of a high fever.

Evie was one of the lucky one-in-twenty who got a 102 fever for almost two full days..  If you recall from my Epic Thanksgiving, Evie doesn't do well with oral Tylenol.  Thankfully I had some of the other kind of Tylenol on hand.   She was miserable even with the medicine. She just laid on me for two days. Crying. Not eating. Moaning. Ugh. Breaks a mamas heart!

Because she was laid up on me, she didn't really get to work out the tender spots on her leg from the shots. On the third day when she was feeling well enough to run around she was doing so with a bit of a limp.  That night she got a bit excited and tripped and fell head first on to the corner of the tv credenza .

It swelled up to the size of half a ping pong ball and was bleeding ever so slightly.  Ice pack, boo-boo bunny, Delaney...nothing would calm the hysterics until we took this selfie with the iPad!  Poor thing was so exhausted as it was and this, of course, happened at bed time.  I didn't want to put her down for bed until we could rule out concussion.  Thankfully (?) I had just called the doctor about toddler concussions the week before when Evie fell face first out of a play tree house onto wood floors, so I knew the signs already.

Finally, we got our Little Bee snuggled in bed.  But that next morning she woke up and her overnight diaper had exploded. Not the contents but the actual diaper. The little gel beads were stuck all over her from her armpits down to her toes.  She was shivering from the cold.  Off to the bath!  And then off to the sitters.

The weekend went along as usual and things were back to normal until Evie's little babysitting buddy, K, got sick and then the babysitter got sick and then Miss Evie was down for the count.  All three of them were out for a full week with a cough and runny nose. Evie's never turned into infection, thank God, but she was still pretty miserable.

Somewhere in there she dropped my camera on the ground cracking my 50mm lens and jamming it into the mount.  And moments later she pulled a dining room chair on to herself.  Tough life being a toddler. So many bumps and bruises!

Now she's transitioning to one nap and cutting a few more teeth.  The afternoons are a fight and struggle, but at least we're back to the baby sitter / work routine.  I was going crazy!

Thankfully this is all behind us and we're moving forward again. As my grandmother used to say, "It's the bitter than makes the sweet taste good"

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