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28 March, 2012

What I Am Loving! {5}

Draw Something.  I get a little carried away.

My Erin Condren Life Planner & Notebook.  I ordered the notebook back in October when I was just looking for a nice notebook with a calendar for my work notes.  But once I started staying home all day every day, I found myself writing and losing so many to-do lists so I bought the Life Planner when they went on sale.  I took both of them apart. Took out the used months. Rearranged a few things and now I have a jumbo hybrid Life Planner & Notebook. And a million trillion stickers.  Who doesn't love stickers?

My sweet little girl and her adorable outfit. Baby Gap. Be still my heart.

The Pantone Colors of the last 10 years (and green).  Although cliche in the design world, I'm sure, I LOVE these colors.  Such a fresh spring look.  I finally had the courage to do a little design work with some free programs. By no means professional, but it's been fun learning new things!

Speaking of cliche in the design world, I also cannot wait for this...

And while we're on the subject of design...I am loving that MAD MEN is back.  And I am loving this horrible avatar I made of myself.  I am so bad at making them actually look like me.  What do you think? The donut makes it more realistic. 

And while I love HER to death, I am not loving that she is big enough for her very own Exersaucer. (But I am loving the price we paid, $1.83 because we had so many returns after this)

What are YOU loving today???


  1. Right now I am loving the weather.  I feel like later I am going to be loving the delicious sandwich I am going to make with the recipe you gave me...thanks!

  2. That Draw Something picture is amazing! I'm never that talented while drawing in it :)

    your girl's so cute! love the pics!


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