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16 March, 2012

Evie: Four Months

Weight: 25 inches
Length/Height: 16 lbs 8 oz
Eats: 750-1100 mL in 8-9 feedings a day, most days around 950 mL
Diapers: middle snap on her all-in-ones and size 2 in disposables
Clothes: 6 months, a few 3-6 month dresses worn as shirts

Firsts for Evie
February 11
Trip to Whole Foods in the Ergo instead of carseat

February 14
Valentine's Day

February 17
Airplane Ride: ATL > MSP
February 17
Mall of America!!!

February 18
Wedding - Eric's cousin Paul
February 23
First laugh - For Grandpa C. (jealous!!!)

March 3
Basketball Game - Wake Forest / Georgia Tech

March 3
Trip to the Varsity
(I kept meaning to go get a paper hat to take a picture of Evie in it, and left before I remembered!)

Sleeps through the night a few times a week.

She will sit, though a little wobbly still, in my lap, or between my legs on the floor.

Gnaws on her mini-Sofie the Giraffe.

Plays with the dangle toys on her play mat, and tries to pull them toward her mouth.

She is finally starting to endure a few minutes of tummy time.

She recognizes Mommy & Daddy and will follow them around the room with her eyes.

Smiles at faces she recognizes, and will smile at strangers after studying their face for a moment.

She smiles at her face in the mirror.

Evie will babble all day and make noises with her tongue. She's great at engaging in "conversations" with people or even her toys.

She now sucks on her right pointer finger to self sooth and to let us know she's hungry.

When she's tired, she rubs her eyes.

Hit her 4 month growth spurt right on the dot. She's almost out of her 6 month clothes!

Knows her diaper changing routine, and immediately puts her legs up as soon as we unsnap her pants.

Her likes and dislikes have not changed much from last month. 

She now prefers the front seated position instead of the cradle position in the sling.

She is much less picky about the temperature of her bottles, which is easier for us!

She likes the bright lights of the computer monitor and tv screen.

Evie has had a nasty case of cradle cap, which we've been treating with coconut oil. She smells tropical.

She is drooling and gumming on her toys.

She's starting to discovery learn by putting things in her mouth.

She can sit on my lap when I type at the computer.

She gets a little bored in her swing or her play mat after about 30+ minutes.  Some times I just have to rotate her position on the play mat and she's fine. I wonder if she just misses me and wants to check in.

She's getting closer and closer to rolling over.  We've had fun watching her try!

At bed & nap time she loves watching and listening to her Glow Worm. 

Evie is getting so wiggly that we almost have to pin her down to eat.  I either swaddle her or wedge her in the boppy if I can't get her to cooperate.

We are cleared to start solids at our discression as soon as her head is just a little more stable.  We will probably wait until 5 months.

Evie has tolerated formula well.  

In a day she eats: all the fresh milk I've pumped that day, usually a bag or two of my frozen stash (it's time to start using the 3 month old stuff!), and a bottle or two of formula.

I am down to pumping only 3 times a day: morning, afternoon, and bed time.  It's been so nice to have my day back.

What they say...

"Yeah, Ergo Baby!"
"She's starting to look like her mama"
"Is she always this good?"
"What a beautiful baby"
"Is she sleeping for you yet?"
"You look great" (I had to throw that one in there!)

We are...
Feeling more comfortable and confident as parents, and with our choices as to how we raise her / what works for us.

Loving our new B.O.B. stroller and that Daylight Savings allows us to go on walks with Daddy after work.

Thankful to get a full night's sleep here and there.

Radiating joy in living the fullness of our vocation!

So in love with our little girl!


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