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22 March, 2012

Dear Google, What am I supposed to do NOW?

Dear Google,

I love you. I really do.  I was an early adopter of Gmail.  My social and work life thrives because of Google Calendar.  I stay in touch with family because of Google Chat.  I even traded my beloved iPhone for an Android phone to integrate my Google life.

However, you have done some really lame things over the years.

For example, Google Wave.  What was that nonsense? I consider myself fairly intuitive, especially when it comes to Google products, but that was...

it was....



And then there is Google+  STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.  The End.

But, Why oh Why are you shutting down Picnik?  Seriously?  Worse. Mistake. Ever.

I had finally perfected my image upload-edit-share work flow and now you're taking out my middle man. Yes, I said "man", because no woman would do such a crazy thing!

From what I hear, you're moving the editing tools to Google+.  Even my love for Picnik won't move me over to Google+.

So There.

You lost a paying customer for Picnik AND I am unsubscribing from Google+.

So there.

Or something vicious.


A frustrated loyal fan-girl


On a happier note, dear blog friends, what are YOU doing about the shut down of Picnik?

I can't afford, nor am I ready for the Adobe Creative Suite.  I have iPhoto and Aperture on my iMac, so I am thinking of giving those a good run.  I might also play with Aviary some more.  I just hate that I need to change up my work flow from Eye-fi > Picasa > Picnik > Blogger  I think I am going to play with some extensions on Aperture and redirect my Eye-fi uploads straight to my hard drive.


  1. Oh, my, girl.  Google has been frustrating me TOO.

    Have you ever heard of Lightroom?  I never used Picnik, so I'm not sure what you're wanting to do with a photo editing software, but Lightroom is incredibly popular in the photography world because it's a MUCH cheaper alternative to photoshop.  I use to love Aperture myself as an alternative to iPhoto.  And I have never heard of "Eye-fi," but I am definitely technologically slow.  I just upgraded my mac software on Monday that was released 1+ years ago only to have Duncan tell me that an even newer version was released last week.  Epic fail on my part?  Quite probable. =) xoxoxo

  2. I did a lightroom trial over the summer but my computer was too slow to handle I opted for Aperture, but I am regretting that since I got a new computer for Christmas and Adobe ran some really incredible deals on some software bundles recently.  Still playing with some things to figure it all out :)  

  3. Try Pixlr. It's free, has some good features and is pretty good! 

  4. So yes, the Google + social features are silly. But the instant upload features?? Best. Thing. Ever. I love being able to make instant albums to share with my family without having to plug in a cable! I would seriously be devastated if they took that feature away! Do you not use it?


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