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12 March, 2012

Miscellany Monday {7}

Miscellany Monday @
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Draw Something.  If you have an i-anything or Android device, download this app now.  It's the new "it" game. It's more addicting than Words With Friends. Let's play: ecbuergler

Eric was on retreat with the Juniors and Seniors all weekend.  I was a essentially a single parent Friday morning through Sunday night.  Bravo to all women (and men) who have to do this regularly. It's tough work.  But, the Grace of God got me through it with a smile and energy.

Because Eric was gone, I planned lots of outings for Evie and I so I could have some social interaction.  We got to see my grandparents twice, and we got to see my in laws and my parents one evening each!  Evie and I even went to watch my cousin's gymnastics meet.

I know I mention it probably every six weeks or so, but I am so thankful for my in-laws' Macy's discount.  This weekend was a sale + Family & Friends (20% off) + 10% off for Macy's cardholders.  And then our usual Macy's employee discount.  I was able to buy some name brand jeans, a super amazing bra, and an Easter dress for about $100.  I know that doesn't sound amazing, but my bras usually cost $40-65 each.  So yes, this is a great deal for me!

The last two weeks I have been a little more busy with work (but not super busy) than usual for this time of year. Everything has suffered: we have two baskets of laundry in the living room.  I am scared to even walk into our kitchen.  I have a pile of papers to file that has it's own zip code taking over our dining room table. We have nothing but rotting food in our fridge.  I haven't exercised in about 5 days. And I have three half-written blog posts sitting in my queue.  You know what?  I don't really care.

I was never much of a girl friends kind of girl. Yes, I've had like one tagalong go-to bestie, but I was usually the one playing sports with the boys.  It never really bothered me, but now that I have a group of women from church (my own age! finally!) that I see weekly, I realize just what I've been missing all these years.  Girl friends are THE BEST!  I thank God every day for all the new friends I have made in the last few months.

What miscellaneous fun have you been up to? or is on your mind?


  1. are your bras made of steel or something?? ha! my most expensive one was $12. at least i've never had a fancy one, so i don't know about the comfort i'm missing. ; )

  2. I wish they were made of steel!  That would be awesome support :)  I just have a rather large chest and am even lucky they had ONE bra in the whole department store that fit AND could use the discounts on it!  Usually I have to mail order, which is another whole ordeal. Boo!

  3. I started a draw something game with you, and it gave you the wrong letters... I was drawing a computer those letters weren't an option


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