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03 April, 2011

That's like Fourth of July without apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas.*

You know in college when you had those moments when it's a glorious sunny 72 degrees, you're in shorts and flip flops, Nalgene bottles tossed about the grass, and you and your besties are throwing the frisbee on the quad between class and then you pause and think "ah, college" and you feel like you belong in a brochure?

Yesterday I had one of those moments, except instead of "college" I had the "I feel like I'm in an episode of Friends"  day; trade coffee shop for a beer bar in Atlanta.

It was Rosemary's birthday. 72 degrees. Not a cloud in the sky. Literally, none.  I kept looking. We packed up quite the vegetarian, gluten free, and beer free spread (collectively we gave up a lot of weird things for Lent), chairs, bocce, bean bags, frisbees, and a cooler and headed to Piedmont Park, Atlanta's version of Central Park.  It was even landscaped by the two sons of Olmsted, who landscaped Central Park (read: History Minor).  It was a...

We enjoyed good conversation, games, and all our delicious snacks.

Walked through the park and took pictures of each other!

isn't he so adorably cute?!?!   :-D

If you know anything about Piedmont Park, it's fair game to see just about anything: roller bladers, stunt kites, five men chasing a baby, people in matching shirts, men in matching outfits, but nothing prepared us for....

Yup.  A bunny on a leash.  Sorry the picture is blurry, I couldn't stop laughing!

Once we had our fill of gloriousness....

We packed up and headed to find a bar for a light dinner and a few birthday drinks.  It was looking around the dinner table at the one married couple, two siblings, two college roommates, three guys / three girls (and a visiting boyfriend!)  that it dawned on me: we're totally the cast of Friends.  We're like apple pie on the 4th of July and two pizzas on Friday.  A Perfect Fit.

*Joey, The One With the Rumor (2001)

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