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25 April, 2011

One Thousand Gifts {1- 30}

Thursday night Eric and I had a good hangout, catch up around the house, and talk night.  My favorite kind of nights.  I asked him what he thought about my Thousand Gifts lists idea.  He said he'd like to see me post it as it would be good accountability for me to stick to a schedule (I love that he knows me so well), but that he feared I'd post things too private or personal.  So we agreed.  I could post the list, just be cryptic about anything too, too personal.  Deal.

I am going to do the weekly blog link up called Multitudes on Monday - One Thousand Gifts.   It was created and hosted by the author of the book.

I will keep a daily journal at home and then post my list here each Monday.   I hope you enjoy, and begin to count the small blessings in your own lift.

One Thousand Gifts

  1. Our apartment
  2. Eric's job
  3. My two jobs
  4. The flexibility of my two jobs
  5. My 5 am bowl of cheerios 
  6. Writing this post because I can't sleep
  7. Pink polka dot pajama pants
  8. Easter
  9. Forgiveness
  10. Family
  11. Celebrating David & Paige's baby
  12. Celebrating ........
  13. Creme Brulee with Raspberries
  14. Decaf Coffee
  15. Brunch buffet
  16. French toast
  17. Family Easter Eggs Hunts (as adult kids!)
  18. Decorating cakes
  19. throwing a baby shower
  20. Facebook (I missed you this Lent)
  21. DSLR
  22. Cousins
  23. Connor
  24. Blowing bubbles with Connor
  25. Sunny Days
  26. Flowers from Nannie
  27. Sharing news.....
  28. Good night sleep
  29. home made waffles
  30. Random blog hits from Mormons!

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  1. Welcome to the journey of a Thousand Gifts. It's been a wonderful, joyful experience for me, thus far... and I'm only on 370-something. Found you over at Ann's place, by the way.

    Have a blessed day, new friend!


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