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06 December, 2010

Sunday Funday

I know I'm a week behind on this post, but it took that long to get my pictures uploaded.

So some of you know that my brother Alex won some money in the lottery a few months ago.  Crazy, I know! Of course he did the responsible thing and paid back his student loans and paid off his car.  But, he also set aside a little money for a family surprise.  All he told us was to keep Sunday after Thanksgiving open.  We had NO clue what he had up his sleeve.

So Thanksgiving day he passed out an envelope to each of us.

So we opened them, having NO idea what to expect.   Alex has always been the quiet but thoughtful type, so anything was possible.

And here we are - full blown excitement!

Hugs all around to our generous brother!

Alex bought everyone in our family tickets to the Falcons / Packers game (very hard to come by), a Falcons t-shirt, and gave us some spending cash to help us through the holidays or to blow on whatever we wanted!

Alex also picked us up, paid for parking and provided two awesome tailgates.  We were SO excited!  It was much needed family time - just to go chill out and share in an experience as an adult family.

Check out our day:

We had an incredible day sharing in family fun, laughter, and a great football game!  To sweeten the deal, the Falcons played an awesome game, and WE WON!  Unfortunately we didn't catch any of those little parachuting Chick-fil-a cows during one of the time outs.  Sad. even better deal came our way - we got almost $100 free dollars for stadium food just because my family banks and SunTrust and happened to run in to the SunTrust tail gate girls giving away "stadium bucks" to all Sun Trust members.  How awesome is that?

Thanks again Alex (and the Georgia Lottery)!   Love you, brother!

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