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12 December, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

Last Sunday we left Atlanta at 7am to drive to North Carolina to pick out our own Christmas Tree.  We have a certain tree farm near my grandparents' cabin that my family likes to go, and now the Buerglers have joined in on the tree cutting adventures.

When we'd planned the trip, we had NO idea that it would be 20 degrees, snowing and wind gusts of 25 mph.  In fact, it was 40 when we left Alpharetta - the temperature dropped as we drove.  I was literally digging more socks, shirts, scarves etc in the back of my CRV (let's be honest, there's a lot to choose from in there) to keep warm as we walked the tree farm.

Eric found the perfect tree.  Just about about six and a half feet!

And of course, Eric brought his OWN saw, because last year we waited almost an hour for them to come cut it for us.

Dan was quite the man and carried their tree part way down the mountain.
However, we opted for the tractor trailer to do all the heavy lifting.

 And before we left - we had them wrap the tree and put in on our car for safe driving down the mountain.

Before we returned to Atlanta, we stopped for lunch at the Dillard House - a southern food dining experience - the Buergler's favorite.  We took the Christmas card photo while we were there.  And of course shared a delicious meal.

Irene shared a little bad news in regards to her health, but as this week went on she learned it should be fairly routine as far as these things go.  Please keep her and the family in your prayers.

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