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21 December, 2010

Christmas Love

The way our Groupon fine print was worded we had to make two versions of our Christmas card.  In the end it worked out because after I made the Notre Dame ones, we took that super cute picture at the Falcons Game.  And there we have it, two Christmas cards for 2010.

Not going to lie - I was pretty excited when design guru Ashley text me (not even twitter DM!) to say how much she loved the cards.  Yep, she's the one who did our wedding invitations!

Anyway, here is a copy of our lovely Christmas poem written by Eric and editing by his Father, the master of all cheesy Christmas poems.

Buergler Christmas Poem 2010

In true Buergler tradition
Here is our year in rhyme
This is the first rendition
So bear with me this time

We began this great year
A couple of newlyweds
Upgrading our small home
To one with rooms for two beds

Together we made trips to see family in
Milwaukee, Beaufort, and Savannah
Then good friends made their wedding vows
So we traveled to Indiana

To a Nicaraguan orphanage
With twenty fine teens we went
Painting, planting and moving dirt
That’s how some of our time was spent

Nashville was the destination
To see more friends and run races
Eric tried his first marathon
A half is now under E’s laces

Elizabeth had two solo trips
Both were to the city of Dayton
Class reunion and cousins Bday
Were her reasons for celebratin’

Eric began home brewing
Some pretty drinkable beers
Attempts to unicycle
Have also earned him some cheers

Our year was filled with sports events
Saw games for all Atlanta teams
And even a monster truck rally
Where everyone could hear our screams

We wish you all the very best
Though this great year is not done yet
For in Vieques we will be
To witness the years’ last sun set

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