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05 September, 2013

An Anniversary Session: Meet The Smiths + What I Learned

Amy and I met a few years ago in a Human Geography class at Georgia State.  She was getting her undergrad in social studies and me a Masters in social studies education.  She's since become a nurse and me a grad school drop out. Life is funny that way, huh?

Our relationship has since transcended into the blogging world and now a few traded photography sessions.  She did our maternity session with Evie and our Buergler family photos last Christmas.

You might know her as Amy from The Charming Blog where I've occasionally guest posted.

You can imagine my excitement when she asked ME to do her and Duncan's one year anniversary photos!

She had a few criteria:
  • Atlanta themed location
  • her wedding dress
  • Duncan's beard
I'm glad we were able to make it happen despite being rained out a few times, her waking up sick the morning out the shoot, the hazy day, and it being about 1927% humidity the day of the school (you think I'm exaggerating).

I think we managed a few good shots!


  • I exclusively used my Tamron AF 17-50mm F/2.8 SP XR Di II VC but I regret not using the nifty fifty for casual portraits. It's a much sharper lens.
  • We started about an hour and a half later than scheduled. The sun was bright and hot and it shows. That harsh sun is hard to edit. I wish I had a scrim diffuser and assistant.


  • It was nice working with a fellow photographer. She knew the poses they wanted and they worked fast.
  • Due to the heat, humidity and Amy not feeling well we cut the shoot short.  Head shots are (hopefully) another day!


  • I took about 1/3 of the shots I had in previous shoots for about the same amount of final looks.
  • I did better slowing down to check lighting, composition and pose IN camera. Though using adults vs children could have a lot to do with that.
  • Thanks to a blog article I read, I remembered to bring bottled water for me and the clients. So so so thankful for those wise words!

I am still working to build my portfolio.  Discounted photo sessions at a location of your choice along the GA-400 corridor are still available. Please email


  1. Yes! So true. Two things I've learned are:
    - Adults are soooooo much easier to direct than kids (says the girl who has a kids shoot this weekend.)
    - And lighting, lighting lighting! I educate the clients about the best times for lighting and if that doesn't work: SHADE. There's a great video about it - I'll find it and send it to you!

  2. Seriously, I need to find some better venues with shade options for when the sun gets that harsh. It was rough!


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