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27 September, 2013

Seven Quick Takes {2}


I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, because we don't have much, yet we have everything in the world going on. I guess we're just a little status quo right now?  Nothing out of the ordinary.


Evie is really enjoying school and is doing well.  She hasn't had any issues with wanting / not wanting to go, no meltdowns upon arrival, etc.  She's happy when I pick her up.  The first three weeks were a struggle moving her nap from 1pm to 2pm, but now that we're on week 4, it's been fine (knock of wood)


I have a few photo shoots coming up in October. A family Christmas card, an engagement shoot and a maternity shoot.  I can't believe it's been a year since the first friend asked for some casual pictures.  I've had steady gigs once or twice a month since then and I'm picking up speed.


I rented a super fancy portrait lens for 10 days in October.  I can get my two important gigs with it.  I have been giddy about it's arrival.  I'll probably squeeze in some week night shoots with it while I have it. Anyone?


It's been almost two years and I still LOVE cloth diapering.  I've recently gotten hooked on a Facebook buy/sell/trade group to get rid of some of the diapers that didn't work for us, and to buy a few used ones in the brand that works for Evie at 33 pounds of meaty thighs.

I also love shopping on Kelly's Closet.  I needed to order a box of detergent and one more diaper.  I ended up with free shipping, a free diaper, and double reward points.  Once the holidays are over I am going to do a week long series about the different brands we use(d) and how they held up over the 2 years.

 Interested in cloth diapers? Buy from my affiliate link (and feed my addiction!) Click here to visit Kelly's Closet 

{{{Anyone want 5 used Fuzzibunz in assorted pinks and purples? I have 3 inserts for each (2 minky and 1 hemp) with no staining, along with all the replacement elastics.  Make me an offer via email: elizabeth [at]}}}


I realized tonight that it's been just about a year since I gave up cookies, donuts and cereal.  My three binge eating go-to foods.  Cutting back on those jump started my 20 pound weight loss and led me to the Primal Lifestyle, as well as spiritual direction to help what I later realized was a binge eating disorder.  I have since learned SO much about real food and about myself and how those two can directly relate to each other WAY more that the food, medical, or mental health industries lead us to believe.  I could dedicate an entire blog to those, but they're already out there. Check out Mark's Daily Apple and Mama+Baby Love


Something is wrong with my right thumb. Like seriously wrong. It's been 6-9 months of joint pain. The chiropractor thought it was jammed and unjammed it a few times but it still hurts. My primary care thinks I sprained it and gave me prescription topical anti-inflammatory cream, but it still hurts.  A friend in medical school thinks it might be a form of arthritis. Dr. Google thinks I have "blackberry thumb" which has been renamed to "Candy Crush Thumb".  And I am wondering if I have a ligament or tendon tear.

Anyone else have guesses?  It doesn't ache it just sends a shooting pain up my arm if anything bumped or jams into the knuckle joint or thumb joint.  Like make me scream in public pain.

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