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01 August, 2013

Well, Hello There!


It's been a while, but I'm back!

At first my self-imposed blogging time out was for practical purposes.  I noticed that most Julys I spent with family or pulling late-nighters in the office getting ready for my busy season to begin again.

However, as the month unfolded I found that the time management skills I had acquired in the last year left me home and bored this July.

It was everything in my power not to blog more than the two posts I did.  But it taught me a lesson.

This month I learned just how much time I spend behind the computer blogging, editing pictures, and reading Oh! The! Internet!  Without blog posts to write, I didn't edit or take as many pictures, and therefore didn't read The! Internet! nearly as much (at least on my computer).  But rather...

....I got on the floor and played.  I played trains. I played tea party. I read countless books. I played snuggle with my baby girl because she's only a baby girl once.

....I cleaned.  With busy season around the corner, I wanted to tackle some deep cleaning projects.  My bathroom now smells industrial. Ah, success!

....I hung out with Eric.  I mean, now that we have Evie we spend considerably more time home, but it doesn't mean it's actually together.  This was like lets-go-for-a-walk together time.  So needed.

 I have next week off from work, a little calm-before-the-storm action, so hopefully we'll be seeing more of each other then.

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