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28 August, 2013

Don't Get Mad, Get the Camera: Tostitos Edition

My Dad's go-to parenting advice for any new parents is "Don't Get Mad, Get the Camera"  This advice sounds horrible in the moment, but we've loved that my dad practiced what he preaches. We have some of those most HILARIOUS photos of us growing up.  Things like, ya know, my brother and sister playing in the toilet, or my brother making his first peanut butter sandwich on the floor in nothing but a diaper and cowboy boots.

I've been wanting to document more of these moments around our house. 

No time like the present.

Today Miss Evie has been in no less than 3 outfits, some combined with an article of her crab pajamas. By this point in the evening I didn't even care that she wasn't wearing pants.

She's been sick with a head cold.  She's barely touched her food, but ate up some left over guacamole.  She said and signed that she was done with dinner so I let her loose. 

 But she ran to the pantry, found the bag of Tostitos and helped a giant party sized bag.
 That is now all over the floor.  And she cried. 
 So I let her "help" clean it up with the broom and dust pan.  Which she missed the trash can by about 3 inches when she tried to empty the dust pan, only making a bigger mess and making her more upset. 
She finally put her self in time out (poor thing! I wasn't even upset) while I got out the vacuum.

Just one more reason why I think Dyson should pair up with DisposAll for a Toddler Edition of their vacuum. 

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