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02 August, 2013

So Easy Being Green

A few weeks ago I wrote about being intentional, and how it's deliberate baby-steps towards an end goal. 

One of those end goals for Eric and I is to find simple things we can do to be good stewards of our treasure (read: money) and the earth.  Also known as cheap and green. It's part of our duty on this earth as part of Catholic Social Teaching.

Here's a few simple things we do around out house that help save us money, but also help save the earth.

Cloth napkins.   
Level: beginner
Cost: free to $

So this one is super easy.  Take those $10 Kohl's cards that come in the mail and march yourself to the clearance kitchenwares section. Snag 2-4 cloth napkins.  I've built up our stash to 10-12 over the years.  In the four years we've been married I've only bought 1 package of napkins. We just throw the cloth napkins in our regular wash as needed.  And they only take two seconds to fold.

  I know this isn't saving hundreds, and that paper is technically biodegradable, but the little things add up :)

Berkey Water Filter.
Level: beginner
Cost: $$$

After a ton of research on water filtration systems, Eric settled on this water filter. It's so incredibly awesome it can take food coloring out of water.  Booya!  While the upfront cost is expensive, it's relatively cheap to maintain.  It has cleaner-than-bottled-water taste (because it IS!).  We just fill up our reusable water bottles before we leave the house.  Over time this will actually pay for the filter and then save you money, AND think of those millions and million of plastic bottles you WON'T be contributing to the land fill.  Mother nature thanks you.

Level: beginner + a little spare time and willingness to learn
Cost: $ to $$

Eric literally planted our garden on $50 or less in less than half a day (including intermittent toddler chasing).  I spent maybe 5 minutes a night maintaining it.  We used giant pots that we've accumulated + the previous home owners left us, a few starter plants and a little elbow grease and we have a blossoming potted garden.  Growing your own produce means healthy snacks on your doorstep.  No travel for you or the produce, no middle man mark ups, and no harsh fertilizers or pesticides. 
And as an added bonus: free toddler entertainment watering and picking

What are some super easy green / money saving things you do?

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