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06 July, 2011

What I'm Loving!

Meals from Local Sources

Our breakfasts this week are entirely from the Roswell Farmers' Market or a known local source. We have eggs from Chris & Belinda, our egg and chicken providers - Eric and I are on a first name basis with them.  They bike and home brew, too! French bread from a new bakery at the market.  Cantaloupe from one of our usual fruit & veggie suppliers.  The blueberries are from Whole Foods, but it was a one-day sale they had from a local farm.  The sausage is from a farm near our cabin, my grandmother discovered them one day.  The coffee is from Athens, Georgia.  While the beans are obviously not from here, they are roasted in Athens.

Our New Cast Iron Pan

Look at how cute it is?  It fit's perfectly on our large burner so it cooks evenly too!  This was one of our finds at the Lodge Cast Iron Outlet:  $6  Yep.  Our small fry pan gets used 2-3 times a day and is getting pretty beat up, despite the high price we paid for it.  We thought this would be a great investment for our morning eggs and sausage/bacon.  We're both a little anemic and cooking a meal a day on cast iron is a great way to improve your iron intake without nasty tasting pills.

My grandfather's memory, published

The University of Dayton Alumni magazine requested memories of the campus chapel back in the winter edition of the magazine.  I had no idea he submitted this, and therefore was pleasantly surprised when I found it in the almost-thrown-away-without-reading Spring edition.  He's told me the story many times and I cherish it, as I do all his stories of campus.  I think it's precious that he sent it in.   And yes, your math is correct, I am 4th generation to attend UD. Impressive, right?


My parents have been in and out of town all summer, so my siblings and I have taken turns watching Spike.  All 5 lbs of him.  While I am not a huge fan of dogs, I don't mind having Spike around for a few days here and there.  The company is nice....but um, he burps, A LOT!

First of all, this blog is amazing! We've had a few other grilled cheeses off this blog, and they do not disappoint.  Last night Rosemary came over (her love of grilled cheese is second to her love of Joshua Radin).  We made the most recent recipe, the Marco PoloBut instead of pickled jalapenos and to cut the cost of the manchego we used half the manchego and half pepper jack cheese and added some red peppers. Oh my heavens.  It tasted like summer in a grilled cheese. LOVE!

photo credit: Grilled Cheese Social blog

What are YOU loving this Wednesday?


  1. Thought you may want to see this :)

  2. Your little pup is so stinking cute! I love his name for such a cuddly thing too =)
    A fellow yorkie lover.

  3. Love your pup, precious!!

    I am going to have to check out the grilled cheese blog. They are one of my favorite things to eat.


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