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10 July, 2011

Baking with Betty: Fourth of July Cake Pops

It's been a while since I've posted any recipes.  Being pregnant (read: food aversions) has kept me out of the kitchen.

I did how ever find a cute Fourth of July inspiration on Pinterest and absolutly LOVE the original blog post on cake pop directions.  Normally I am a firm believer in Bakerella's directions, as she is the queen bee of cake pops, but this modified set gives credit to the creator and makes a few tweaks that make the recipe even easier to follow.

Because I was using only the ingredients and supplies I already had: regular frosting, chocolate cake mix, white and red candy melts, and generic sprinkles, mine weren't quite as festive as above.

 I did spend time picking out just the blue, yellow and white stars from the mix pack, and used our Christmas / Valentine's Day nonpareils too. Not too bad for a clean-out-the-pantry Fourth of July snack. I also had some "color burst" white candy melts that reminded me of fireworks.

I wrapped them up individually and put them in a flower vase, and off we went to our Fourth of July party.  As always, the Cake Pops are a big hit! 

Tastefully yours,

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