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15 July, 2011

Favorite Things Friday

friday favorite things | finding joy

This week has presented a few small challenges with both of my jobs and with Eric's job.  Everything is fine now or will be fine soon.  Whenever my cage gets rattled a little bit, I have learned to turn to the blessings and little things in my life to find joy, hope, and faith.  Many of these things might seem trivial or superficial, but during a rocky patch, they're comforting.

Tuesday the Canon 50mm f1.8 lens I've been saving for arrived.  It was a good distraction to play with this week.   I've very excited about the possibilities because it can do awesome things like:

 Blurry backgrounds

Take well lit photos even in dim lighting. Yes, this room was dark when I took this photo!

Motherhood Maternity was having a 40% off summer styles sale. 
 I bought some new bermuda length jean shorts that arrive next week and some PJ pants with ties at the bottom. My normal ones are all too tight, and after tripping over Eric's super long XL ones for a few weeks now, the tie up bottom ones were enticing AND on the clearance rack. SOLD!

My affirmation cup and IZZE sparkling water.  
When I was at camp the girls spent an afternoon in the Art Barn and made this adorable cup for me.  They wrote affirmations on it and words of encouragement since it was my last trip with them.  And IZZE sparkling water are quite the treat for me because pre-pregnancy I used to be a heavy soda drinker.  They were $1.50 off at Whole Foods this week. Win!

 (and check out that blurry background. booya!)

Vegetable Mustgo Quesadillas
We had a clean out the fridge night of veggie odds and ends  Added some leftover chicken and pepperjack cheese and BAM delicious quesadillas. Do you spy red & green peppers, onions, and grilled corn?

Decorating Our Bedroom
Our room has had lots of blank walls because we didn't want to commit to any decorations because we keep thinking we're going to buy big-kid furniture.  Yeah, not happening any time soon. So for a few bucks and a few hours I threw a few things together:


What's up parish directory photo?!

My first Pinterest inspired non-food project.
Our room is those two shades of gray. I am obsessed with yellow & gray these days (as you will soon see on our baby registry). I might do a whole post on this project. We'll see :)


Steubenville Atlanta

An annual Catholic youth conference for almost 3000 teens that comes through Atlanta once a summer. We're excited to take 32 teens from our parish.  I am thrilled that Eric will be joining me for the first time ever!  I have been to almost 10 conferences.  And that's where we'll be all weekend!!!

I hope y'all have a blessed weekend - What are your FAVORITE THINGS this Friday?


  1. I pinned your pinned DIY project! I like yours better!!! :o)

  2. Love your canvases! we will be going to the final mass for stuebenville on favorite mass ever!!!!

  3. We LOVE the 50mm 1.8 lens. My daughter, Hannah, received that as her birthday gift. I love, love, love the pictures that it takes. Their are a couple on my blog (of Brennan playing soccer and the cars lined up) where the background blur simply makes me smile. So I get your excitement!

    Love your project. Super cute.

    And I smiled (again) at the parish directory photo --- we've got some like that as well from our church directory. Same background, same pose -- and different people. :)

    Blessings to you!



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