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20 July, 2011

What I am Loving!

1. My Yoga Ball

Or should I say, Eric's yoga ball that doubled as his desk chair until I made him not be "that guy" at his new job... I hijacked it.  Nothing relieves my back, hip, tailbone, etc pain like a good twenty minute sit on it.  I might be sitting on it now. Ahhh. 

2. This Gem

Oh yes, Rosemary found a onesie on Etsy of a Baby Ninja.  A-mazing. Love it!
PS: Not loving the fact that Roe is moving to NYC on Monday. I'd say cue the tears, but it hasn't hit me yet.

3. Yeah! Burger

Grass fed, local, organic, and foursquare discounts?  What's not to love about this place. Hella good burger, sweet potato wedges and a milk shake. 

4. My Pool Shark

I love watching Eric play pool.  Nothing spells nerd sexy like an engineer trying to play a social game and listen to him discuss angles, parabolas, and vectors. I'm only half kidding. Seriously, he's a great teacher.  I wish I had a few shots of him coaching his sister. The intensity of his focus was priceless.

5. New England Vacation
photo credit: my dad :)
Eric and I have been trying to get to Boston for the last 2-3 summers. One summer I had a car accident the day before we were supposed to leave.  Another summer we couldn't get cheap enough tickets.  And last summer Eric's sister & brother-in-law moved to Atlanta.  This summer: my dad gave us Sky Miles and my parents letting us stay at their rental house with them for the weekend. Sailing and Lobster in less that three days? Yes, please. dig out my Ralph Lauren and Vineyard Vines.... haha.  

Did I mention that our trip includes a new airport for us? Excited to be one flight closer to completing an item off my 30x30 list!

What are YOU loving this Wednesday?


  1. That burger place sounds amazing! Yum!!

  2. Such a fun post and now I want a burger :)

  3. Ooo how was Yeah Burger? I just saw heard about it a few months ago! And that is an amazing picture!

  4. that burger & sweet potato fries look amazing! I think sweet potato fries may be my favorite. and of course Foursquare discounts at places only make everything better!

    {I'm hosting a giveaway & would love to see you there!}

  5. Thanks so much for the music suggestions. Let me know if you have anymore!

  6. Baby Ninja kind of wins all of my awesome points for the week! And those burgers look (and sound!) amazing! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!


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