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07 September, 2010

Labor Day

I have officially deemed Labor Day as my favorite holiday.  No big meals, no gifts, no lengthy liturgies, no traditions and no special outfits.  It's just a three days of "the last weekend of summer" attitudes, fun in the sun, and r-e-l-a-x.  Eric and I purposefully don't make plans on Labor Day each year so we can do whatever we want as the mood strikes.  

Saturday morning we hit our usual farmer's market for fresh veggies, meats and eggs.  And then we went out on a rafting/kayaking adventure.  Dan, Leeann, their friend Anna, Lance, Eric and I spent about 6 hours floating down the river.  This was quite the accomplishment since we signed up for the 2 hour trip!  56 beers and a sunburn later, we went to Don Pablos for a Mexican feast.

Eric, Lance, Leeann, Anna, Dan

After dinner Eric and I drove up to the cabin so we could wake up in time for Mass and my family's boating adventure.  My grandparents rented a boat on Lake Glenville about 20 minutes outside of Highlands, where our cabin is.

I need coffee.

Hilary and Nannie

Alex & Connor


It was a bit chilly when the wind blew, but those who went tubing said the water was nice and warm!  Connor had a great time on the boat.  He loved to watch his daddy tube, and feed the ducks!  After boating Katie, Eric and I went to town for a little bit while Steven set up his Fantasy Football League.  We don't have tv or internet at the cabin, so it's nice to sneak in to the coffee shop for a little email reading and text sending.

iPhone and Coffee. Can life get any better?

Finally, we spent Saturday night enjoying time at the cabin with puzzles, card games, dinner, and dessert.  It was great to celebrate 25 years of the cabin with about half of the family.  We started to count how many guests could have possibly visited there in the last 25 years...and the number is beyond reason.  We are so blessed to have a place to call "home" for our entire family, and more importantly to have grandparents who are so loving and generous!

The last few hours of our holiday were spent preparing items for Craigs List, Amazon and a garage sale... but in 4 hours we'd already sold 2 times!  Not too shabby :)

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  1. thank you Eric for the camera for E's birthday!! I am enjoying the pictures!!!


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