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18 September, 2010

If I could do it again, you know I'd do it the same

This post was taken from my personal blog on 9.18.2010

This last week my sister and I went to Dayton to surprise my cousin for her birthday.  It was so incredible being back on my old stomping ground.  It was a bit different than being there for my 5 year reunion.  I was there while school was in session.

  • I hung out in 20 Woodland (though this time it was my cousin's house and NOT my boyfriends. Weird.)
  • I had breakfast in KU with one of my former youth group teens (not my roommates).  
  • I had guys by me drinks (law students, not guys with teen-staches).  
You get the point.  At 2:15 am when we were kicked out of the bar, something dawned on me.  The lyrics of the "great" Corey Smith started playing in my head.  And I realized, "If I could do it again I would not do it the same."

Yes, I'd probably have dated the guys I dated. Roomed with the girls.  Partied with the same frat guys (don't get too excited, it was the music fraternity).  Gone to the same Mass.  Prayed the same hours at Adoration.

But, I would have let go of the heartache.  Done my homework on time.  Gone out to 2am because I'd done my homework on time.  Drank beer in class more often.  Prayed a little (okay, a lot) more sincerely.  Laughed with my professors.  Not slept through class.

And savored the walks through Woodlawn cemetery. The classes under the oak trees.  The friends who urged me not to use styrofoam.  The bible study group chit chat.  The way-too long Mass homilies.  The girls grilling at 4pm on a random Tuesday.  The snow/ice sculpted front yard kegerators in the winter. The rosaries prayed with friends on 9/11. The house dinners of mac and cheese and Bud Light.  The afternoon winter workouts of Dance Dance Revolution. The walks with friends to Oakwood Library.

If I could do it again I wouldn't do it the 'bout you?

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