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30 March, 2009

Wedding. Race. Retreat. Wash. Rinse. Repeat

This post originally appeared in my private blog on March 30, 2009...

A few days ago my aunt asked me for some weekends that I'm free so they can throw me a wedding shower. As I scrolled through all the Saturdays on my hyper-organized & triple synced calendar, I realized that my weekends are filled with
  • someone else's wedding things (wedding, showers, bachelorette parties)
  • my own wedding things (dress fittings, cake tastings, engagement photos, etc)
  • 5ks, indoor tris, or
  • being Eric's pit-crew for his 6 hr races or his half-Ironman
  • Women's retreat, new teen leader mini-retreat, core retreat, mission trip
So, that's where I've been too - I realized I haven't blogged in forever - because well, I was doing all of the above!

I love my crazy-busy life and wouldn't have it any other way - except it doesn't leave much room to be today. I am skipping half a day of classes to finish a project for school (half procrastinated, half I was too sick to work on it when I had time this weekend)/I can't breathe or see because my allergies have practically swollen my face shut. okay, that's a little dramatic. haha.

Secretly I wanted to post and use as many of my labels as possible. J/K

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