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03 March, 2009

I TRIed it and I liked it - Our Triathlon Results

The post originally appeared in my personal blog on March 3, 2009...

Official race results were posted today!

Eric finished #31 overall and #26 in mens.
I finished #98 overall and I can't even count all the m/f before me as there were #104 racers :)
I met my goal: not to finish last! And, I improved my previous time trials of 2:15 to a race time of 1:45

All in all, I am thrilled! I could have pushed a little harder on the run, as that is my weak area. But, I decided that I would rather have fun and finish last than push to get just a little better time and hate every second of it. I do believe I've caught the bug - I can't wait to compete in my indoor triathlons at the end of March and April. It will be awesome to see improvement between those two races, since they will be EXACTLY the same (well, Lifetime at Alpharatta vs Mountain basically exactly the same!)

Eric started his formal Ironman 70.3 training this week. He has just about given up his car & motorcycle for the next 4 months. His goal is to bike or run to work, church, and my house, unless we carpool for a date or late-night. He is combining this with a tithe for Lent of giving his saved gas money to a charity. Ah, I love him :)

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