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09 March, 2009

Successful Snow Day!

A week ago, Monday March 2, was my first day of GSU Spring Break.  Since I usually spend Monday’s at school, and since much of the city was closed due to a freak snow storm the day before, my mother and I took advantage of this day off of school and work to get caught up on wedding planning.  
Here’s a list of the great things we accomplished on Monday:
    * two new photo albums up on wedding website
    * set up DJ info on their website and started a do and do-not play list
    * set up info on our website for guests to pick songs for DJ to play
With the help of my mother and grandmother:
    * tried on 3 more wedding dresses
    * ordered my original favorite along with the veil
    * set up order info for the bridesmaids to order their dresses
    * found a super cute possible MOB dress for mom
    * picked out and ordered an awesome dress for me to wear to Eric’s sister’s wedding
    * went to the flower market to find colors and flowers to recommend to the florist
    * bought 2 dozen vases/candle holders for the reception table decor
    * bought ribbon for bridesmaids’ bouquets
With Eric:
    * Reviewed our favorites at Macy's and Crate & Barrel for our main registries
    * Checked into Pottery Barn and Williams-Sonoma, made mental list (aka took pictures)
        of items there we’d like to put on a short registry list
    * Began our registry at Macy's, which now includes: china, knives, pots/pans, bake ware
    * Nearly finalized our everyday dishes, flatware, and oddball kitchen pieces
    * Reviewed all choices and potential choices with parents, and received great feedback!
    Eric and I strongly recommend taking a camera or camera phone with you every time you go shopping. We've taken pictures of all the random stuff we say, "we should register for that" or "I really like this pattern".  The day we officially started the registry, I just pulled out the camera, we reviewed our favorites in person and it saved us SOOO much time. No need to sift through all the items at the store that we’d already vetoed; just headed straight to the favorites!

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