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03 August, 2015

First Cabin Weekend of the Summer

Back in June Eric had a wedding in Vermont and decided to extend the trip and spend some time in Boston visiting friends. I hate staying home alone for several days in a row so I took the girls up to the cabin to visit with my grandparents. 

I forgot to bring my camera and it's pretty dark in the cabin so getting phone pictures is hardly worth it.
 We had a great girls weekend. Evie played in the play house for house on end.  She would surface only to have us tie on her apron or to go potty.

One afternoon we packed a picnic to go eat at the new town square green space, but got there and they were setting up for a craft show.   The girls didn't get to run around and play in the fountains as planned, but we still enjoyed our girls lunch with Nannie.  Evie was horrible and grumpy and refused to pose for any pictures.
Maggie on the other hand was in hog heaven. She loved that Nannie treated the girls to Kilwins.  Evie and I shared sorbet and Maggie had a chocolate covered pretzel rod. She loved it. Can you tell? (see also: don't let your kid have chocolate in the carseat)

 The weather was kind of crummy. It rained off and on all weekend, but we could sneak out here and there to play on the deck.  Maggie was a fabulous supervisor for Spike, though I'm sure he'd beg to differ. (We dog sat Spike for a month this summer)
 The most special part of the weekend was how much one-on-one time Evie spent with my grandparents. See, my siblings were all coming up with their families the next weekend for our annual Sibs Weekend.  My grandparents needed to make all their signature cabin treats to prepare for the upcoming crew:  Fried Kix, Oyster Crackers and Party Mix.  Evie is just old enough to help.  She was a fantastic helper.
We went to the 4pm Mass Saturday night at then out to dinner in town.  Dinner was so early that by the time we got back to the cabin and had baths everyone was a little bit hungry. Evie talked Pap into making her all time favorite snack:  stove top popcorn.  Pap makes the best popcorn.  It was the perfect treat.

It was the perfect weekend with lots of R&R and quality time with my grandparents. We're so blessed to have this time with them!

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