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18 August, 2015

Evie and Maggie's First Slumber Party

A few weeks ago I took the girls to the cabin by myself and thought Evie would love to sleep in the bunk room by herself and Maggie would sleep in the Pack and Play in the room with me. I was wrong. 

Maggie was barely asleep and Evie was out of bed begging to move into my bed to sleep for the night. I wasn't about to move Maggie and the Pack and Play into the bunk room so I decided to let them both stay in my room. Haaaa. 

I tucked them in and continued talking with my grandparents upstairs. For a solid hour we heard the girls laughing and giggling. They were having a blast. I hated to break up the fun, but it was nearing 9:30 and they needed to get some sleep.  *I* needed to get some sleep.  I promised them they could have a sleep over another time.

Well, Evie is the elephant that never forgets. She had been BEGGGGGGGING me to having Maggie sleepover in her room.  Finally we had a few days in a row with no camps or activities so I agreed to let them try again.

Eric read them books and tucked them in bed. 
 They snuggled and gave hugs and kisses.
 My mama heart was bursting with pride and joy and all the memories of sharing a room with my sister. I cherish those days.

I have been anxiously awaiting all the late nights and giggling these two will share.  Even though Evie promised they would get a good night sleep (I'm no fool) at about 9pm she came downstairs and said, "Maggie won't stop talking"

Can you guess who the party animal is?

We finally put Maggie back over in her own room, but I squealed with delight that Evie and Maggie have such a precious relationship and inseparable bond.

Sisters are the best.

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