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20 April, 2015

That Time I was Inadvertently on A College Podcast

My priest friend, Fr. Josh, has started a podcast with some of his students down at Georgia Tech.  Each week they cover a different topic and have a different guest on the show.  I started listening to the podcasts while I make dinner.  I found myself talk to the computer as if I were on the show.

When I was on the Lenten retreat that Fr. Josh gave, his office assistant, Chris, was there. I jokingly mentioned to her that I wanted to be on the show.  She thought it was a great idea because to date there had only been male guests on the show.

The Tuesday after the retreat I received a text from T.J., the show's coordinator, asking me to come down the next week to record the Good Friday episode.  I thought, "wow, Chris works fast!"  I know T.J. from youth ministry work so we both have each other's numbers in our phone. Receiving a text from him wasn't too out of the ordinary.

In texting with T.J. I told him I needed to get a babysitter for the girls but that I'd plan to be there. We were both excited!

Fast forward to the day of the show.  I arrive and I'm talking with Chris.  I text T.J. to tell him I'm there and he tells me where to meet up with him.  Chris and I move to the appointed location and T.J. keeps walking past me.  Chris finally says, "Hey T.J., where are you guys recording the show. Elizabeth is here."

T.J. looks at me.  And narrows his eyes while looking at me some more. And Chris says, "You've met right?"

And he continues to have a completely blank face.  I go on to say, "You know, I'm Elizabeth from St. Brigid...last time you saw me I had long hair and was pregnant."  And he responds with, "Oh I know who you are, but you're not who I was expecting"

I start laughing uncomfortably.  Did I mess up?

And T.J. quickly scrolls through his phone.

And starts frantically saying, "Oh. Oh no. Oh. Wow. Oops"

He'd been texting ME thinking I was a different Elizabeth from campus ministry.  Ooops.

We had a great laugh because T.J.  completely missed the line in my text about getting a babysitter for my children.

Once we figured out he had NEVER even spoken to the other Elizabeth, we proceeded with the Podcast.   It was a fun afternoon. We didn't cover even half of the material we wanted to, but there's still a ton of great information packed in to the short 23 minutes.  PS: Yes, the clinking glasses are bourbon.  Day drinking at it's finest.


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  1. Ok, hearing your voice was fun! It was a little out-of-body like, why is E's voice on my computer?!? but I just might have to start listening to this podcast, no one had annoying voices (you know how I feel about that...hahaha!)


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