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10 April, 2015

Easter Weekend 2015

It was so wonderful to be home with "big kids" for Easter this year. We've been on the road or had a newborn the last few years. We loved being able to do things at out house.

Good Friday is tricky with little kids. The Seven Last Words of Christ is over their head, regular Stations of the Cross is long and again, a bit over their head, and Veneration of the Cross starts so late.  Eric and I decided on a low-key family day (he took the day off from work).  We went up to the Church together so Eric could take advantage of the extra priests for Confession and then as a family we prayed the Stations of the Cross. I found a children's version online that we prayed and talked through.  Evie really got into it. We prayed them once and she asked to do it two more times. By the third time she was able to tell "the story" as she called it all by herself. I loved that we did this at our home parish so she will remember them each week when we attend Mass.

On Saturday we had cousin Connor over to help color Easter eggs.  But before we knew it, our party of 5 turned into a party of 9.  My brother, in-laws, and Eric's nephew Luke all came over to color eggs.  We ended up with an impromptu cook out as well.

 Sunday morning we met Alex, Connor and my parents and their parish for Easter Mass.  I am remiss that we didn't get a family picture in front of the altar or statue of Mary. Everything was just so beautiful.

After Mass everyone came back to our house to see what the Easter Bunny brought.  The kids had fun hiding eggs. My parents are awesome at re-hiding eggs when the kids aren't looking.

After Mass, egg hunt, and cinnamon rolls we went to my grandparents house for Easter lunch. It was a small crowd since most of my extended family was on Spring Break trips.  The smaller crowd was fun.

We were hoping to see Eric's family but we didn't leave my grandparent's house until almost 4 and everyone was exhausted. Car naps on the way home and smoothies for dinner.

Happy Easter!  He is Risen!

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