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13 April, 2015

Maggie: 12 Months


Weight: 19 lbs 14 oz (31%)
Length: 31.0 in (96%)
Feeds: nurses 3-4 times a day (some feedings are replaced with a formula bottle); 1 squeeze pouch at meals + several tablespoons of whatever we're having for dinner; occasional puffs/cheerios/crackers for as a distraction/entertainment
Diapers:  Tots Bots, Bum Genius 4.0s, Thirsties pockets and AIO, and Bottom Bumpers OS.  Size 3 in disposables (at night)
Clothes:  18 months; and a few 18-24 months
Shoes: none
Teeth: two bottoms; three tops


3/15/15 - Points to things
3/17/15 - Saint Patrick's Day
3/23/15 - Blows on food 
3/25/15 - tandem trike ride with Evie
4/1/15 - Pulled up to standing
4/7/15 - Trip to the Aquarium


Maggie is great with independent play. She loves exploring the house.

She gives the sweeeeeetest open mouth baby kisses. She even puts her hands on either side of your face as she's leaning in for a kiss.

Maggie will eat just about anything. She even ate spicy Pad Thai the other night. I am so glad we skipped spoon feeding with her. It's been a huge help and she's an excellent eater.

Loves to babble and even says a few words "Hi" "dada" "muma" "iss" (sis) and she's trying very hard to say "woof"

She's starting to copy actions and knows routines. For example, when she's on the changing table she puts her hands up to take off her shirt. Or if she sees a hair bow she tries to put it on.  If I sit to play Little People with her she copies where I put the people.

No sign of standing alone or walking, but she's so active I'm not worried about it.

We're weening slowly but surely. I'm down to once or twice a day with an additional bottle.

Can drink out of any sippy cup or straw cup.

Maggie continues to be a great sleeper and a great napper. (I hope I didn't just curse myself)


Likes to eat big meals
Play with sissy
Crawling all over the place
Splashing in the tub


when sissy gets a little rough
slamming her fingers in the drawer
wet diapers


Maggie loves to observe, but she really loves to be in on the action. She can't wait to join in the fun! 
She's been very healthy this year.  I attribute that to some natural home remedies and excellent chiropractic care. I think she'd be more prone to ear infections without it.

We're looking forward to Maggie reaching new milestones.  We'll be going to a quarterly update from here on out!

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