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03 October, 2011

Miscellany Monday {3}

Miscellany Monday @
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Happy Monday!!!

We're a few loads of laundry in to the switch-back-to-store-products.  I missed my clothes smelling of Downy and the ultra clean feeling clothes.  I am sorry homemade soap and vinegar fabric softener, you'll just have to collect fly away dryer lint until we run out of the good expensive stuff.

Thank's Starbucks!
My birthday was on Friday. Happy 29th (for the first time!) to me!  It was an especially low key day this year.  Not only have I been pre-occupied with baby things and work that I completely forgot my birthday was arriving, I ended up with a nasty 24 hour cold that landed me watching Netflix and eating grocery store hotbar for dinner.  Eh. My fancy dinner date with Eric has been rescheduled for this week.  We had a light brunch at my parents house with my siblings, and Eric's sister and I shared a birthday fondue party at his parents house.

Gadgets and gizmos a plenty
 One of the tasks on my to-do list is to organize my digital files and to clear up 50 gigs of hard drive space.  I mean, clearly we'll need that much room or more for baby girl's first day year of life.  I spent so much time on the computer Saturday that my two trackpad fingers still hurt. I am also test driving 30-day trials of Aperture and Photoshop Elements 10. So far both run really slow on my parents gifted me my first choice as a birthday gift. They are the same price.

Battle of the Burgers 5k

Eric ran a 5k with my sister, Sam, and Christina on Saturday.  Eric and Katie had made a bet on who could finish faster: Katie, who is training for a half marathon, or Eric, who hasn't run since Father's Day.  Given that Eric's inseam is a good 7-10 inches longer than Katie's the sheer physics of it all had my money on Eric (don't hate, Katie).  However, he was a good sport, turned around close to the finish line and let her sprint ahead of him. After the race they stayed for a city wide battle-of-the-burgers festival. Yum!

Baby Clothes
Tiny pink clothing is taking over my life.  Being a bit of a tomboy my whole life (I refused to wear dresses starting in Kindergarden because I hated the attention from being "so cute" when I was dressed up), this pink and glittery thing is new to me, however, I am embracing it and sort of loving it.  I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love adorable baby laundry?

New Directions?
Eric and I have started praying about (mostly) his direction in ministry after the baby comes.  I will continue my job at the church, no doubt, but what he/we want to do as our ministry has yet to be determined.  Will he continue volunteering with the high school youth group or will we take on something new?  I've always wondered if we'd be good at teaching together, like NFP, Bradley classes, sponsor couple for marriage prep at our church, or leading Dave Ramsey small groups.  Any of these require intense training, so it might be that we wait a little longer before we make any dramatic moves.  Thoughts?  Will you pray for us?

I Love Fall

I love Fall.  I love birthdays, okay, mostly mine! Leaves. Mums. Candles. School supplies. Warm beverages at Starbucks. Scarves. Crockpot meals. Blankets. The windows open. Deep blue skies.  Radiant sunsets. Smell of fireplaces. Football.  Tailgates.  Season Premires. The holiday hype.  Nut Brown Ales. Food made with pumpkin.  Candy corn. Desserts with cream cheese frosting.
And this year? BABY GIRL!!!!

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  1. Hi there! I found your blog because my blog feed told me that I was getting a lot of traffic directed from your blog so hello! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I LOVE your 30x30 list! Eucharistic Adoration was one of my absolute favorite things to do in college! My church group at school used to have it at least once a month and I loved it! Good luck with everything! Can't wait to read more!


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