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17 January, 2011

Announcement: Two New Blog Segments

In reflecting on this blog about Eric and I's (awesome) life, I've met my goal to "report" on all the big happenings in our lives.  However, that doesn't help you get to know us much past what we've DONE.  I typically don't like to write too much about the future because I had a stalker for a few months and writing about where I will BE is still frightening.  Stalkers aside, there are still things we can write about for you to get to know us better.

I've decided to add two new segments to this blog.

Before I give the new bits away, I promise I will continue to do a regular weekly update on Tuesdays that includes pictures and videos of our past week or major events.

New Weekly Segment:   Your Questions Answered  Many of our friends ask the same questions about our life style, so I want to write about them! Some of the starting questions will be:

  • How/Why do you buy organic? Isn't that expensive?
  • How do you plan your weekly meals?
  • Why are you living in an apartment? Aren't married people supposed to have a house?
  • Why does Eric bike to work, that's CRAZY!
  • Elizabeth, do you have a real job?
This segment will be updated on Fridays in keeping with many bloggers traditional "Five Question Fridays".  We'll just start with "One Question Fridays" and see how it goes.

New Bi-monthly Segment: Our Most Requested Recipes  With the disbanning of my joint blog Sara & Betty, I've been looking for an outlet for some of my favorite recipes.  I find it stressful to keep a whole blog dedicated to cooking, and besides there are tons of those out there.  This will simply be a place for me to send my friends to find our favorite recipes!  Some of the starting recipes will be:
  • Oreo Cheesecake
  • French Press Coffee
  • Mint Chocolate Chip Brownies
  • "Dunwoody" Dip
  • Gnocchi and veggies
This segment will be updated twice a month on the 1st and 15th, but moving by a few days if it's on a Tuesday or Friday.  Most of my recipes are based on books, blogs, or family, so do expect anything TOO inventive.  I just want to have a place to send my friends to get my party favorites so they can share the yumminess! Of course, I'll include pictures and my own variations or tips.

With the outline of my new segments listed, what are some of YOUR questions for Eric and I?  What recipes are you dying to get more info on?

Post some goodies that only ERIC can answer so we can get him posting! :)

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