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05 October, 2010

Thanks, Bobby!

Rosemary has been a champ at scoring us tickets to the Braves games this season.  One of her (former) co-workers has season tickets and could sometimes get a few extra seats.  She was able to get tickets to the Bobby Cox retirement celebration game.  For those of non baseball aficionados, Bobby Cox was the managers of the Braves for 25 years, the winningest manager of all time, and the most likely manager to get ejected from the game (not because he's nasty, but because he stands up for his players!).

As a die hard fan since the '94 strike (yes, an odd year to start following baseball), it was an honor for me to be a part of Bobby's big day, and the largest Braves crowd EVER for a regular season game. Glad to celebrate the day with Eric, Rosemary and Sam!

Eric is not amused by Rosemary and my giddiness over our matching cameras

Former players there to celebrate (my boy Javy is out there!)

Celebrating #6

Celebrate Good Times

Hank Aaron unveiling Bobby's gift

Current team on the side lines

the sell out crowd

Here comes Bobby to the mound

Great signs all throughout the crowd

54,296 in attendance. Way to go Atlanta!

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