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05 October, 2010

My Birthday

As most real Catholic holidays are several consecutive feast days, my family tries to extend our birthday to a true Octave of celebrations as well.

This year I celebrated the big 2-8 over the course of about 5 or so days.

  • Saturday I went shopping with my grandmother and mother (two separate trips!)
  • Wednesday we celebrated post-bocce with a gathering of friends at Ormsby's for dinner, bocce, darts, and skeeball.
  • Thursday was the 4th annual birthday dinner with the Buerglers at Seasons 52
  • Friday was dinner Corsetti style at my parents house
  • Sunday my friend Kat brought me a boat load of Gigi's Cupcakes all the way from Nashville
  • Monday my Toms shoes arrived (birthday present from my parents!)

It's crazy to be 28.  By this time in my mother's life she had four children.  Eric and I are only dreaming of starting a family!  By this time in my life I certainly expected to feel a lot more wise and mature, yet I feel like I am still a freshman in the ways of the world.

Anyway, life only gets better as I get older and I wouldn't trade a day of it for anything.

Cheers :)

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