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26 October, 2010

Another Braves Game?

I know, just wanted you wanted to know... we went to another Braves game!  This was a few weeks ago - but since I didn't blog last week, you get to know now :)

Like I said, Rosemary's been a champ at scoring us tickets from her friend Colin.  Colin bought a pair of tickets to all the play off games in Atlanta.  He'd made a list of eligable friends who could take his second ticket, or even the pair, based on how well the Braves performed when that friend was in attendnace at the game with him during the regular season.  If the Braves won when you were there, you got a point.  So, Rosemary and I were pretty high on the list.   And after the Braves lost terribly to the the Giants in game three of the five game series, Colin decided he couldn't bare the emotional rollercoaster of another tragic lost.  Enter: Elizabeth and Rosemary.   Colin gave us his two tickets to the NLDS game four playoff game.

My 14 year old self kept pitching herself.  I wish I could have been my 14 year old me this season.  The version of me that was *OBSESSED* with Javy Lopez and Bobby Cox, and the '95 World Series Braves team....  I would have loved to have known I'd be at Glavine's number retirement game, Bobby's retirement game (Javy was there!), at a play off game, and at Bobby's very last game.

Needless to say, I was excited to be at a playoff game!  And randomly, Eric ended up taking his brother-in-law's ticket and went with his sister, Leeann, to the game.  And guess where their seasons were? Down the row from ours!!

It was a tough loss, but the Braves really didn't look like a World Series team this year.  Too many rookie mistakes.  Maybe next year, guys!

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