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13 May, 2010

Mother's Day

The day after Katie's graduation, we went to Tybee Island on the coast of Georgia for Mother's Day.  It was nice to have all of "us kids" at the beach for the first time (not counting the cruise) as adults.  We rocked a cooler of adult beverages and packed sandwiches and chips.  And as any good Italian family would, we brought our bocce balls to the beach.  Honestly, I was surprised that someone didn't have a nice lasagna packed away for an afternoon snack.

Dad found this signage "gem" - our tax dollars at work.

Mom & Dad

Katie "the sunscreen queen" applying a thick layer to protect Alex's delicate skin.
Or something like that.

Different textured sands call for different techniques.

The only evidence (that I'll share with you) of me at the beach.

After a few hours of fun-in-the-sun, we went to Spankys on Tybee for linner and then went back to David & Paige's house in Savannah for some T.V. and R&R.  Katie, Jacob and I then walked River Street for a bit, enjoying their mighty delicious chocolate, carmel, candy coated apples.  The rest of the crew went home, but Katie, Jacob and I headed back to The 'Boro for a few more days of vacation.

Katie & Jacob at River Street in Savannah.

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