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12 May, 2010

Katie's Graduation

Congratulations to the very last Corsetti to graduate from college!  Hooray!  Katie finished Magna Cum Laude in 4 years with a Bachelors of Science in Family Consumer Science Education (aka Home Ec Ed).

My parents, grandparents, Katie's Godparents (our aunt & uncle), and my siblings all drove to Statesboro for the ceremony and picnic after.   While the Commencement speaker was only the University's President, all the graduates had their name called and had the chance to walk across the stage.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone sung the Alama Mater (which by the way, I'm impressed with how the composer landed Georgia Southern University lyrically) and watched the Eagle soar through the stadium; a rather majestic site that my Flip camera failed to record.  The weather held out and was much less horrendous than anticipated.  Given that it's the gnat capital of the world, the sun, humidity, breeze and bugs found just the right balance to leave us sun-kissed and glowing without having to peel bugs off our contact lens or sweating like a chimpanzee in the Sub-Saharan Desert.

The afternoon concluded with presents back at Katie's townhouse and then a double family cookout at her friend Andrew's house.  Lots of burgers, watermelon, and Dad's famous mac & cheese.  And what kind of party would it be without a Publix cake?  mmmhmmm.

It was great to spend the weekend as a family and in celebration of such a great accomplishment.  Congratulations again, Katie!

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