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25 May, 2010

Indianapolis in 30 hours or less!

Eric and I found out a few weeks ago that we had been invited to a wedding on May 22 in Indianapolis.  Unfortunately we had no idea until the bride called to see if we were coming and what we wanted for dinner.  Much thanks to AirTran's super cheap flights, we were able to make it up for the weekend to celebrate the joyous joining of two beautiful people.

I was also able to meet up with my friend Ashley, who just happened to be in Indy for the weekend, too.  It was great to briefly catch up with her and have Thai food (she's the one who introduced me to it back in college).

And of course, before we left, Eric scouted out some breweries and brew pubs in the area for us to visit.  The brew pubs were generic, as usual, but the Sun King Brewery was mighty good.  Very similar to Sweetwater, but a smaller scale operation.  Indiana Bonus: Growlers

The wedding was beautiful!  It was the first one Eric and I had been to since our own wedding.  It was also the most like our wedding we had ever been to, so it was nice to see what our wedding was like had we remembered it....  Dinner was amazing (spinach raviolis with red pepper cream sauce) and a great tasting pound cake with chocolate ganache.  Elesia was radiant, and Mike blew us away with his Backstreet Boys dancing with his twin.

The next day we slept in (first time in a good 10 days) before heading to Ashley's recommended Mug N Bun for some fabulously fried foods.  Who can go wrong with fried mac n cheese or funnel cake fries?  And oh. my. gosh. HOMEMADE ROOTBEER!  Yum.  We got a mug to go.  Too bad we couldn't take it on the plane.

I want to go back just thinking about these. Never mind the stomach aches we had a few hours later!

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