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19 August, 2016

Nathan: One Month


Weight: 9lbs 2oz (39%) 
Length: 22.3 inches (83%) 
Feeds: nurses 5-6 times a day; 1-2 during the night. He was nursing about 25-30 minutes but is down to about 20-25 each feeding.
Diapers:  v2 Tini Tots,  v2 Bottom Bumpers Size 1, and newborns in GroVia, Thirisies Blueberry Simplex and Smartbottoms
graduated to size 1 in disposables
Clothes:  graduated from newborn to 0-3
Shoes: none
Teeth: none


7/9/16 Came home from the hospital
7/12/16 Pediatrician Visit
7/23/16 Bath at home
7/24/16 Mass (at Transfiguration, celebrated by Fr. Dennis)
7/26/16 Chiropractor visit


Starting to focus eyes
Starting to figure out his hands
So close to a social smile
Nurses like a champ and took to it within a few tries!


Being held in the afternoons, usually about 2-5pm (car rides will do!)
Laying on the floor gym with Evie and Maggie
Hanging out in the swing next to Mommy while she works
MAM pacifiers (we tried 3 brands, this is his jam)


Maggie smothering his face
Being cold / too much air conditioning


Nathan is our easiest baby yet. I'm not sure if 3rd time is a charm and we're pros now, if I am too busy to tend to his every peep, or if he's really just that good.  Or D) All of the above.

He took to nursing quickly and easily.  The lactation consultant at the hospital said the third baby is the easiest to nurse, even if you didn't nurse the others. She said you're just so much more confident in your parenting and the babies can sense it. Interesting.  Don't get me wrong, those first two weeks are awful and painful, but we've hit our groove now.

Nathan hasn't been much of a pooper. I'm getting worried he's going to have tummy issues like Evie, however the pediatrician keep reassuring us this is normal.

He has been AMAZING at night. Nurse. Burp. Diaper. Swaddle. Sleep. These last few weeks I do believe the girls have been more work at night.  Eric and I have kept with our routine that we had for Maggie. I feed and sometimes burp or diaper. Eric swaddles and deals with any rocking or fussing. Eric does an incredible swaddle. It's not even worth it for me to try.

Everyone has been asking what we're going to call him "Nathanael" "Nathan" or "Nate"  Our plan has been to call him whatever sticks. So try it out.  The girls tend to call him Nate since Nathan is more like Nay-fan.  My family that went to Duke calls him Nate James after the assistant basketball coach.

We may also call him Nate-Dawg or Nate Dogg. Apparently there is a rapper? Haha.

What they say:

I forget he's only 4 weeks because you're back at it.
What are you calling him?
You forget how little they are!
How are the girls with him?
Do you like having a boy?
Who does he look like?

So who do YOU think he looks like? 

Evie (top) or Maggie(bottom)?

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