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07 December, 2011

Evie: One Month

First, let me say that I cannot believe that our little baby is already a month old. The days (and nights!) are certainly long, but the weeks have flown by.

Weighs: 7 lbs 9.6oz at birth to 9 lbs at her 3 week check up
Height: 20 inches at birth to 21.5 inches at her 3 week check up
Eats: about 100 ml about every 2-3 hours during the day / 3-5 hours at night 
Diapers: Tiny Fit Tot Bots for cloth and Newborn or size 1 (folded down) for disposables
Clothes: Newborn and growing into 0-3 months

Firsts for Evie

Car Ride
Home from the hospital.  Eric drove so slowly and I sat in the back.

 On the ride home from the hospital.  The timing between feedings and checking out left us with a hungry baby.

  In the hospital.  Breastfeeding didn't go so well.

Bath at home
Nov 12- We bathed her in a giant baby tub on the kitchen counter. Eric and I tagged teamed washing and rinsing her to make it go by faster.  

First cousin once removed Hilary's Confirmation party just two days after we were home from the hospital.  Eric and I were so tired we both just sat on the couch staring blankly into space while everyone hugged on Evie.

Pediatrician Visit
Nov 14 - We had to go a few days after returning home from the hospital because Evie was borderline jaundice during our time at the hospital

Cloth Diapers
About 8-10 days home. We waited until her poo turned for the sticky tar to the seedy yellow. Mmm. Evie is wearing Tiny Fit Tot Bots diapers by Bummis

Trip to Daddy's Office
Nov 17 - Eric presented Evie baby Simba style to a conference room full of his co-workers.  All the ladies doted on her.

Trip to Mommy's Office
Nov 18 - Following an "emergency" visit to the OB/GYN for me.  We stopped for Chick-fil-a on our way to my office to meet all the church ladies.  I didn't even make it through the door. Everyone greeted us there!


Evie's umbilical cord fell off at Nana & Grandpa's house the day after Thanksgiving.

She is almost grown out of her newborn clothes.  They say 5-8 pounds, but some how our 9 pound baby plus a cloth diaper still fit in them. Probably not for long!

She is working to follow us with her eyes, but hasn't quite mastered it.

Every day she gets closer and closer to a "social smile."  Right now we're lucky to get gas-passing smiles!

We have to hold Evie with two hands because all of the sudden she'll flail out of our hands.  We've nicknamed her Dive Bomb Evie.

Technically Evie has rolled over, but it was more of an accident.  She usually wiggles from her burrito/jelly bean on her back to her side.  And the other night we woke up and she was on her stomach. I think she must have fallen from her side to her tummy.


Likes to be warm and snuggled, especially on our chest.

Dislikes being cold whether it's outside or naked having her diaper changed, she'll scream until she's warm. At night she'll wimper in bed if we forget her extra blanket.

Likes to go for short walks in her Ergo Baby.

Likes the bouncy seat for naps.

Dislikes being put in or taken out of the car seat, but likes to go for car rides.

Likes going on walks in the stroller.  (Was told she's a great shopper!)

Dislikes being woken up from a nap, even if it's to eat.

Dislikes her bath (it's cold!), but loves to snuggle after.

Likes to sleep on her stomach when we let her.

Likes to wiggle from her back to sleep on her right side.

Eric and I take turns with who has to get up to feed her first at night, and then alternate throughout the night as well.  Benefit of bottle feeding!

I pump every 2-4 hours during the day and 3-5 hours at night with a goal of 7-8 sessions a day.  I produce enough milk to store about 30-50% a day. (Isn't my pump back pack sooo cute?)

I never thought I'd talk to a baby about everything/nothing, but I do.  I even asked her opinion about a Christmas gift at Hobby Lobby. 

I never thought I'd sing to a baby, but I make up songs all day long...samples of what I sing to her:
*Snuggle bear, snuggle bear does what ever a snuggle bear does (tune: Spider Pig from Simpsons)
*Cheer up Sleepy E (tune: Daydream Believer)
*Mama Loves Evie (tune: Papa Loves Mombo)
*Genevieve has pooty pants (a made up cheer)

I've caught Eric singing "You are so beautiful to me" to her and it melts my heart!

Evie has accumulated a list of nicknames, mostly from me:
*Little B
*Snuggle Bear (she has an outfit that says that on it)
*Baby Girl
*Miss Thing
*Little Miss
*Dive Bomb Evie
*Pretty Girl

When Evie stretches herself she puts her hands up palms facing forward like she's praising Jesus. Hilarious.

She's trying SO hard to self sooth my sucking her fingers or thumb, but still isn't coordinated enough to know that she controls her hands.  It's more luck than anything when her fingers find her mouth.

Evie did not scratch her face with her razor sharp newborn nails, but she is going through the baby acne phase.

This girl and burp and fart like a grown man.  It's actually pretty funny.  It's so adult sounding that Eric and I often ask each other it was them who passed gas.

What they say....
Oh my gosh she looks just like Eric!
Unless you're Eric's mom who says, "She does not look like my babies!"
Some people have ugly babies. You do not have an ugly baby.
How's cloth diapering going?
That's a really cool stroller
She's so big for her age!
She's so tiny for her age! (make up your mind, people!)
How is she sleeping?
How is she eating?
She's so quiet! Does she ever make noises?
Is she ever awake? Does she even have eyes?

We are...
Are adjusting to a new life
So. Tired
Savoring every moment
Doing our best to communicate about her and how we want to parent, especially as new situations arise
Taking turns with night feedings
Keeping track of her diapers, feedings, and baths in an iPad app called Total Baby (aka Brain Saver!)
Loving visitors
Finding a rhythm to each day

So in love with our sweet Genevieve!

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