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04 March, 2016

We're a Van Fam!

I still can't believe the words I just typed at the post title, "We're a Van Fam!"  Seriously. We own a van. Paid in full. It's ours.

We tried to make the CR-V work. We even bought Diono carseats in preparation.  However, there were two distinct moments that made us realize we needed something bigger.

First, we realized the girls could hold hand sitting on the two outside seats.  What they heck were they going to do to poor baby brother when he sat in the middle rear facing towards them?

Then Eric mentioned the Disney trip and subsequent road trips. He asked where we were going to put all the car trip toys since they usually go in the middle seat.


But we couldn't really afford anything bigger.  We did keep an eye on the used car market trying to figure out if maybe we get a full sized SUV.  After we saw the price of the SUVs we wanted and the price of the minivans, the van made the most sense long term.  We have no idea if we're done having children so the sliding doors, the walk through middle seat, and the storage space PLUS third row seemed the most practical for about the same amount of money.

Money was still an issue.

And then Eric started processing our taxes.  We ended up with a larger than expected return.  We contemplated taking a vacation to San Diego and Maui, but the timing just wasn't working out.  Then we remembered the van.

Oh the van.

It was a done deal. We did some more online shopping, made some phone calls and then headed over to The Street With All The Car Dealers.  You know, every town has one.

While we were waiting for them to appraise the CR-V, we took the girls to the back lot to climb through the Odysseys and Siennas.  Without even test driving yet, the Odyssey was a perfect fit for us.  Unfortunately all 5 of the ones in our price range had SOLD that morning (what?! already!).  But they took us out for a test drive in a different model and we were sold. They called around to another lot and had the one we wanted sent over for us.

Eric went over to another dealer to see what their trade in value would be and test drive what they had on their used lots, but this proved to be the best deal.

The next day we were waiting at the lot for our new-to-us van to pull in from the lot transfer.  Took the old-gal for a spin, climbed through it a few times and went in to sign on the dotted line!

 The girls absolutely love it. Evie tells everyone we meet, including you know people who don't care like the Publix cashier, that "we got a MINI-VAN. IT HAS A BACK ROW"
 Having driving base model cars my whole life, the little upgrades of leather seats, XM radio, Bluetooth and a sunroof are just amazing!  And OH the extra room.

As much as I hate the stigma of the mad-mom-in-a-minivan, I absolutely adore driving it. I'm actually looking forward to our vacations this summer.  No one is going to kick or hit and we have plenty of room for their toys :)

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