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16 March, 2016

Bump Update: 21 Weeks

How far along? 21 weeks and 2 days

How big is baby?  

Total weight gain? I had held steady at 10-12 lbs and then this weekend, BOOM, 15 lbs. I'm guessing the cheesecake, waffles, M&Ms, and gummy bears are not helping. Shocked Face Emoji.

Maternity clothes? I *FINALLY* found a bathing suit that will work for this spring and summer. I had to order it from Australia, but it is a cup-sized, underwire nursing and maternity suit. Three cheers for the Australians! 

I also bought some Beyond Yoga maternity workout capris.  I know it seems weird to buy maternity work out leggings, but as I've said before, I carry my babies so low that I just can't wear any regular pants.

Stretch marks? Nothing new

Belly button? Nothing too weird, yet....

Exercise The last two weeks I've been getting my butt back into gear with walking and Pure Barre. My hips and back thank me.

Sleep  With the exception of a little Daylight Saving struggle, I've been sleeping pretty well.  I find if I have too much sugar or gluten before bed I have a hard time sleeping.

 Finally starting to feel regular movement. Usually hangs out near my left hip, which is where Maggie liked too. This morning I felt him up near my belly button though.  Eric still can't feel his kicks from the outside. A few more weeks and I'm sure I'll take to take this all back! haha

Food cravings  I wouldn't say I have cravings, per say, I'm just really drawn to chocolate these days...My protein+fruit smoothies usually have a handful of chocolate chips in them
Food aversions  I wouldn't say I have any aversions, I would just say I don't want much other than tacos & nachos.

What I miss My joints staying in place.  If I carry Maggie for more than 5-10 minutes a day, my right hip pops out of place and hurts like hell until I can get to the chiropractor. Just not worth it.

What I am looking forward to
Having a little Sprinkle for baby boy!  Also, I am really excited to share his name with everyone. It seems like it's been a secret foreveerrrrrrr.  And I am terrible with secrets.

Milestones  A lot of "Your belly has popped" or "You're really rounding out" comments.  Belly is starting to get in the way of reaching the bottom of the washing machine.  oh darn. ;)

Say What?  I had someone assume I was due in April or May this afternoon.  Same person referred to the pregnancy as "my condition".     I have to say, not working in an office with a bunch of forthright curmudgeons has left me with far less humorous stories. 

Sweet moments  The girls are starting to kiss my belly goodnight, "g'night baby brudder"

Make room for baby:  We went to buybuybaby for a shower gift for a friend and found a cute little "coming home" outfit for brother.  Before y'all start commenting on it being "Auburn Colors" the first thing Eric said was, "I really wish this was Auburn colors. But it's still really cute".

Oh, and THIS:
 I've reached the s tage of crazy growing finger nails and arm hair. Does anyone else have this? Or something equally as weird?   

Bump Watch:  Maggie 21 Weeks |   Evie 20 Weeks

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