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23 September, 2015

Our Last Trip to Beaufort

We have loved going once or twice a year to visit Eric's great aunt Jo in Beaufort, SC.  Since her husband passed she has decided to move back up north to be near her children. We're sad that she's moving but glad she'll be closer to family. 

Grandma and G.Daddy rented a house for the family for the weekend. Seriously, VRBO is my new favorite way to travel with kids. I love that we have a kitchen and can make our own breakfast since we're a bacon and eggs kind of family.

Our first morning started with with quite an adventure. I am used to cooking with cooper core stainless pans and found myself cooking on a paper thin pan that burned everything to a crisp in seconds. Well, I set off the smoke alarm. It was some fancy computerized system and the home owners didn't leave us the password to override the smoke alarm. The first department showed up.  Oooops!

 The weekend was kind of pooky as it rained off and on.
 We still managed to go downtown to play on the playground, walk the water front, eat lunch, and do a little shopping.
 The girls had a horrible first night of sleep so we were all pretty exhausted. Evie, who never takes a nap, fell asleep hard in the carseat in a matter of a half mile drive from aunt Jo's house to downtown.  I wasn't about to let this ruin my last shopping trip in downtown Beaufort. I decided to put her in the Ergo.  She stayed asleep on my back over a solid hour.  (This trip is what spawned the conversation that it's time to upgrade to a toddler sized Tula)
 After we finished All The Things downtown we took to the water to have our last shrimp season meal in the low country.  The kids had fun playing on the board walk and the family enjoyed fresh seafood.
 We had a great last visit to Aunt Jo's. We're certainly going to miss our long weekends visiting with her.

(PS:  I bought this felt board at Michael's at their end of summer clearance. I think it was $1.50? It made for a great travel companion in the car and at restaurants. )

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