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21 September, 2015

Free Zoo Day and Varsity Trip

I can usually only bring myself to go to the zoo once a year, but the girls love it. And even though I don't have an affinity towards animals, I do remember the excitement of seeing the majestic creatures in real life.

We had already taken our trip to Zoo Atlanta at the beginning of the summer, but Leeann invited us to go to the zoo with her and Luke for the Fulton County residents free day.  Sure. Why not?  Eric was excited to go with us.

Because it was a weekend and free we knew we had to be there the moment the gates opened if we wanted to be the heat and the crowds.

First stop, as you know, the FLAMINGOOOOOOOOOS.  Evie is OBSESSED.
 We also had to stop to see my favorites - the giant tortoises. Legend has it that I asked my parents for a turtle when I was 4 or 5 expecting to get one of these and was (rightfully) disappointment when I received a little box turtle.

And then to go see Eric's favorite, the red panda.  It looks like a raccoon. Eric only likes it because it has a tiny hammock. 

Evie was the best tour guide, as usual! She's really getting the hang of map reading.

Off to the pandas! (The only reason to come to the zoo!)

We saw just about everything there is to see at the zoo (we didn't ride the train or visit the petting zoo because, ew). Packed it up and headed to our favorite downtown eatery, The Varsity!
 Maggie celebrated her first trip, a milestone in our family.  We're just sad that G.Daddy was sick and couldn't make it. He was there for the other two grandkids first trips.
We had a fun day with Leeann and Luke before Eliza made her debut. Thanks for inviting us to the zoo!

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