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01 July, 2015

Our Little Gymnast

We started the school year with Evie taking "dance" which was really more a music and movement type class.  She enjoyed it but I could see her eyeing the gym every time we walked past it to the dance studio.  When the first quarter of classes finished she asked to switch to gymnastics.  It was the perfect fit. She loved going to class!  As I've mentioned before she's really behind on her gross motor skills so this was perfect for her. She learned a lot of self confidence as well as expanded her skills.  She also over came a lot of fears - like going upside down on the bars and walking on the low balance beam without help!!

At the end of the year the Kindergym classes host a group performance. They set up all the apparatus like a mini-meet. The kids are on teams with their class and they rotated around the gym showing off the tricks they learned this year.

I have never seen Evie so excited. It was all she talked about for weeks.  I thought for certain she would arrive to the performance and freak out at the large crowd but she didn't!  She had a huge smile glued on her face the whole afternoon.

Evie was definitely not the best kid out there, but that didn't matter to us. We are SO proud of how much she's grown this year and how much she overcame. 

We are so grateful to her teachers for challenging her and building up her confidence this year!

 Thank you to her grandparents and uncle for coming to cheer her on!  And thanks Grandma Buergler for the yummy flower arrangement!

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