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22 July, 2015

Evie: Preschool 2014-2015 Wrap Up

 To say that we love Evie's preschool is an understatement. From the moment we went on the tour our whole family has felt loved. And a genuine love, not a let-me-sell-you-our-school type of love.  Evie was placed in a class of children who all turned 3 in the Fall. There were 8 kids at the start of the year and 13 by the last day. Lots of new families moving to the area.

 A few things that we love about her school:

  • all of the teachers know all the kids names
  • teachers and faculty are joyful, genuine, and invested in the children
  • they're very organized and great at communicating (we received the 2015-2016 calendar on the last day of school. my planner girl's heart is happy!)
  • the tuition covers everything except snacks and diapers (supplies, paper goods, baby wipes, and all!) so no nickel and diming every few weeks for supplies 
  • each family is responsible for co-hosting a holiday class party - and the teachers stressed over and over "KEEP IT SIMPLE" and they meant it
  • no sweets or juice allowed for snacks
  • 15 minutes of Chapel, 20 minutes of music and movement, and 20 minutes of science each week for the 3s and under (longer for older kids, plus Spanish for 4s and up)
  • each child is loved for who they are!
  • play based curriculum 
  • students are taught age appropriate responsibilities (cleaning, line leader, prayer leader, chapel helper, etc)
  • her particular teacher had a story book based theme for each day: art, games, and activities were all based on a theme from a book. Each week of books had it's own theme, like "pumpkins" "beach" or "zoo animals".  And the children had individual quiet reading time each day.  An invaluable life skill!

Evie had a great year. She woke up every morning ready and excited for school.  Evie looked forward to show and tell, and couldn't wait to tell me all about her day when she got in the car. Her teachers were very patient and encouraging with all of her potty learning struggles this year. Evie loves her school friends and is always asking what they're doing when she's not with them.  She has a love of reading, art, and prayer. She has gain confidence and leadership skills.  We've been so thrilled with her school and can't wait for her to begin the Threes (or Young 4s, can't remember - oops!) in the Fall.

Also, a shout out to her school for putting on THE BEST summer camp weeks. Evie went to 2 out of the 3 weeks of camp and I only wish we'd sent her to all 3. They went above and beyond my expectations for a week of preschool camp. The camp sessions included gardening, cooking/baking, snack, playground, art, and free play. She came home with the most beautiful art projects, including a little pillow she learned how to sew!  (And just to prove how awesome they are, the school provided dairy free snacks for Evie each day...and even bought her dairy free ice cream for the day they made ice cream in cooking class!)

We can't wait for school to start!!

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