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27 March, 2015

You Make Me Happy When Skies Are Gray

This winter was super snowy for most of the country. We were supposed to have a rough winter but as each storm approached hours before the snow was supposed to hit the front would push north or warm just to that 32-33 degree line where the snow would turn to rain as it hit the ground.  One day it did snow a little bit and enough stuck to satisfy a Southern born three year old.

We had several days off from school in anticipation of these snow storms being awful. And watching them carefully on the radar they had the potential of shutting down the city for days, but they didn't produce anything more than soggy days...and I am okay with that. 

We made the most of the chilly weather this Winter with fun dinners, new games, learning scissor skills, practicing drawing, playdates, organizing the house, learning to crawl, going to the movies, reading by the fire and taking selfies.

 As much as we loved our snuggly family time this Winter, we are so ready for Spring!

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