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31 March, 2015

Our Spring Break Bucket List

I am so excited to have our first "Spring Break" as a family of four.  Even though Evie went to school last year, I had Maggie on the first day of her Spring Break. It was perfect timing so I didn't have to juggle one more thing, but we didn't get to do all the fun things we had planned.

This year she is old enough to have some ideas of what she wants to do with her days off from school.  Evie LOVES to make lists...just like her mama.  On our way home from the indoor jumpy playground this morning we decided to make a list of the things we want to do over Spring Break.

  1. Fly Kite - Eric and Evie have been trying to fly kites for over a year now. This is a must have for windy spring weather.
  2. Ride Bikes  -  Nothing special but Maggie is getting a new-to-us tricycle for her birthday and I know we'll want to spend time riding bikes.
  3.  Park -  Our closet park is being remodeled. The toddler area is thisclose to being finished. We can't wait to try it out!
  4. Plant Our Garden - We may not get to actually plant it, but we'll be working hard to finish weeding, tilling, and getting the ground ready to plant after Tax Day
  5. Cousin Playdate - Cousin Connor has his Spring Break next week too and my mom is watching him most of the week. We can't wait to play together (maybe at the park! or riding bikes!)
  6. Ice Skating - Evie came up with this all on her own. I've never talked to her about it. Either books or television gave her the idea. I hope she and I can sneak out to try it. I love to skate too!
  7. Aquarium or Zoo - We've tried to do one of these on Spring Break since she was just a few months old. She said she'd like to go to the Aquarium this year because sissy would like to see the fish.

Our rainy day options include bowling, JumpJump, and indoor puttputt!
What's on your list this year?

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