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16 June, 2014

Seven Quick Takes {5}

1. Summer is in full swing here at the Buergler House.  We're making the most of the weird weather (what I like to crudely call: Shit or Get Off The Pot). Basically, it's sunny for an hour then it rains for 15 minutes and then it can't decide what it's going to do. So, what's a toddler + newborn mom supposed to do? You can't exactly pack it up and go to the pool. You never know when the lightening is going to strike again.

So we've made the most of it around the house.

(cloud sand disaster post coming soon!)

2.  I love having two girls. Sisters are the best, y'all.

3.  We've been spending more time with my brother Alex and his son Connor.  Connor played his first season of baseball in a very family-friendly no-pressure league. We loved watching him learn!
4. My non-climber is finally taking off!  She's been much more adventurous with steps, the playground, and doing things "All by myself"

 5.  I've been experimenting with a photography technique called free-lensing.  This is my first attempt. It's a close up of a marigold. There are two ways you can free lens:  One, by taking the lens off and holding it backwards to the camera body or Two, by detaching it and separating it from the body just a little bit.  This was done using the first method.  i think.  now I can't remember. haha!

 6.  I'm excited for some up coming blog changes and new posts!  Amy from The Charming is working on a new design for me.  And I'm cooking up some posts on cloth diapers (my most requested topic that I've been putting off writing about!) and baby gear, as well as updating some photography work.   Wanted to give a quick shout out to Amy who announced her pregnancy today!! Congratulations :)

7.  It's Monday, y'all.  I hope yours is off to a better start than mine.  D'oh!

Linking up with Conversion Diary's Seven Quick Takes hosted by Kathryn from Team Whitaker this week!

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