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17 February, 2014

Bump Watch: Week 31

How far along? 31 weeks

How big is baby? check up on Saturday estimates her growth about 1-3 weeks ahead of schedule, which lands us a baby in 6-9 weeks!!

Total weight gain? 22lbs, which puts me at excessive for my BMI, but otherwise in the "normal" range.  I'd gained 40 by now with Evie. Ooof! No wonder I feel so much better this pregnancy

Maternity clothes? I went through and tried on all my spring/summer clothes and am donating a bunch. A lot of them are really big and or I just don't like them. I saved just enough to get me through a few weeks of Spring weather, if it even comes this year.

Stretch marks? Nothing new!

Belly button? Sticking out a little more!

Exercise:  I made a really good effort to walk any day it was nice the last two weeks. It really helped keep the puffiness at bay.

Sleep: I don't want to talk about it. I think I slept through the night twice in the last two weeks, which landed me a terrible cold, which led to more sleepless nights. It's a vicious cycle.

Movement: Lots and Lots! And BIG movements too.  She's head down now. Sometimes I feel her head hitting my pelvis. I hope she knows that's not the exit.

Food cravings: Chocolate covered strawberries

Food aversions: Anything with a smoked flavor. I ate pork a few times, mostly out of desperation because of the snow storm and it was what was in the freezer.

What I miss: Rolling over with ease, a good night's sleep, bending over instead of squatting, tying my shoes without making it a production

What I am looking forward to: Held Alyshia's newborn this week. Played with my 8 month old nephew.  Y'all, I am getting SO excited to meet our girl!!

Milestones: Visible movement - folks across the room can see it!

Say What?
Evie: Mommy, when is baby sister coming over?
Me: It's still going to be a few weeks.
Eric: Evie, how is baby sister getting here?
Evie:  In the car.

Evie: Mommy, when is baby sister coming over?
Me:  I'm not sure, sweetheart.
Evie:  How 'bout in 2 minutes?

Eric and I were taking Evie on a wagon ride around the neighborhood and some random construction guy yelled to Eric, "Hey man, do you need me to build you some bunk beds?"

Sweet moments: Evie and I were snuggling on the couch and she put her finger in my belly button and said, "Mommy, I get sister out now"

Make room for baby: Evie is officially in her big girl room! The walls aren't decorated, but she's in the bed and her clothes are in the dresser. We still use the nursery for diaper changes, but even Evie calls the room "sister's room".   Eric got the toddler bed taken apart, cleaned and put back together as a crib.  In a few weeks I'll wash the bumpers and bedding. 

I organized all the clothes, toys, etc that I have been stocking up for the girls for the spring.  We just need to get the bins down from the attack to finish the inventory of new baby things.  I am holding off on taking the tags off or washing any of the new things. I am terrified we'll have a surprise boy and be stuck with this new stuff.

Oh, and THIS: My blood pressure was awesome at this last check up.  The midwife was really pleased.  I also talked through the whole "when do we call / go to the hospital"  plan with her.  With it being a new practice and having been induced last time I couldn't really remember all the details.  I also learned that this practice shares on-call duty by day of the week, not by patient. So there is only a 2/5 chance either of my midwives will delivery baby girl. Part of me is a little disappointed, and part of me doesn't really care. 

Compared to Evie:

  • Not only had we taken, but we'd received our maternity photos.  I just scheduled them today. Second child syndrome strikes!
  • Still not the bad swelling or water retention, nor the carpel tunnel
  • Feeling much better!  Still have energy!
  • Also, a lot less interaction with strangers about the pregnancy. Maybe it's the two year old hanging on me that scares people :)

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