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16 November, 2013

Bump Watch: Week 17

How far along? 17 weeks 6 days (photo from exactly 17 weeks)

How big is baby? 5 inches and 5 ounces, accounting to Baby Center.  About the size of an onion

Total weight gain? 2 pounds, at this point with Evie I'd gained 14.

Maternity clothes? Why, yes.  I've had it with the Belly Band non-sense. I'm so jealous of women that it works for.  For me, it rolls, bunches, gets tangled, falls down, slides up, what have you. I'd rather spend the money on a few pairs of maternity pants than deal with that.  Especially since I show really early and carry so low.  I'd rather be comfortable than save the money.

Stretch marks?  Nothing new this pregnancy!

Belly button? Oh my, it's saggy like something fierce. It looks so weird I can't even describe it.

Exercise:  No. I have been SUPER bad about this. I think it's why I've been having RLS at night. Though even with extra hours at my desk job, and a nap, I'm still managing 5000-8000 steps a day.

Sleep: I had some horrible nights leading up to the retreat, and then a few really good nights and good naps. I slept maybe 7 hours total while on the retreat, and I've been napping/sleeping extra to make up for it.  Friday was the first day (so a full week) that I felt human again, and not like a walking zombie.

Movement: Little pushes or jabs here and there but nothing strong or consistent. Since baby is going from cartilage to bones this week I think we'll start feeling him/her more.

Food cravings: milk. I wonder if this has anything to do with bone development?

Food aversions: plain meat, like an Italian sausage sandwich, or just having a meatball without sauce for a snack with my dad (sorry dad!). If it tastes or feels meaty, no way.

What I miss: Feeling pretty content with the pregnancy these few weeks. I could do without the sacrum pain, but that's my own fault for not getting to the chiropractor regularly.

What I am looking forward to:  Okay, so Rebecca just had her baby. And two of my co-workers who had summer babies stopped by the office this week.  Seeing/holding little babies: I WANT TO HOLD MY BABY!

Milestones:  I had my first leg cramp of the pregnancy, as if right on time with the pregnancy time line of symptoms.  Talked to my physical therapist about it. He gave me some stretches and told me to double up on my banana intake and not to forget my topical magnesium oil (which I've been bad about the last two weeks).

Say What? 
Co-worker: "So I just heard you were pregnant. (Points to my belly)  I thought you'd just let yourself go."
Not nearly the strangers making comments on the bump as this time/point with Evie. Maybe it's the scarves and cardigans hiding it, or maybe it's the exhausted and stressed face I wear from September-November that has scared people away ;)

Sweet moments: Last night I was sitting in the recliner at my parents and Evie came to snuggle with me.  It was so sweet to think "both my babies are on my lap"

Make room for baby: My mom and I are going to knock out painting Evie's new room the week after Thanksgiving.  I have started taping it off, so we're a step in the right direction. I looked for a new crib sheet for new baby at the Pottery Barn outlet, but I'm not seeing any of the prints or patterns that work in the Caterpillar room.  I can always go with white from buybuybaby.  

I also made a small registry at buybuybaby and on Kelly's Closet.  We have a few things we borrowed from folks that we've since returned and would like to own ourselves.  We've also narrowed down the types of cloth diapers that we really like, so I'm selling some we don't in favor of a few new ones for the new baby.  If you're interested in some Fuzzibunz or Sloomb fitteds, please email me!

Oh, and THIS:  Cutting the caffeine has really helped my anxiety and blood pressure, and has helped me sleep.

Every day that I haven't developed early on-set pre-eclampsia I praise God. I have been terrified of getting it again this pregnancy, but early.  Self-care is the only thing I know to do.

The retreat pushed me to my physical limit. 3 hours of sleep the first night and 4 the second. Friday night I had a leg cramp during the night. And Saturday night my sacrum hurt so bad I was on and off ice packs 3 times trying to get the swelling down.  The pain was so bad it was shooting down my thighs and triggered a migraine. I went to the physical therapist and chiropractor the day after and they were basically like, um, not sure how you were walking.

Compared to Evie: Not as much weight gain, not as achy and sore everywhere.   Read week 18 here

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